At SGA Security, your security is our highest priority. Monitoring and armed response services are closely integrated, and combine hi-tech solutions with dedicated manpower that is there when you need it.

When an activation signal is received at one of the SGA Security Control Rooms professional and well trained staff will coordinate and dispatch armed or unarmed response teams to verify whether the activation was inadvertent or if an actual security breach has taken place.

SGA Security alarm response agents will verify the status of the client’s property, facility or residence. Once a threat has been identified, the response agent will immediately notify Control Room to dispatch law enforcement/Police.

In Tanzania and Uganda, SGA Security response teams are armed whilst in Kenya most response teams are accompanied by armed Police.

Each of our Control Rooms either centrally or locally are equipped with the latest technology.

SGA Security alarm response services include:

  • 24/7 Control Room monitoring 
  • Strategically based radio dispatched alarm response vehicles that will respond in minutes
  • Highly trained unarmed and armed units
  • Fleet of vehicles equipped with satellite tracking
  • K9 tracker dogs response unit on call
  • Self-testing digital alarm transmitter equipped with anti-tamper device
  • SMS alerts for client notification of alarm occurrence
  • Roadside rescue service for clients 
  • Video alarm verification 
  • Fire alarm monitoring and response


Control room
SGA vehicle on the road


SGA Security is a fully accredited fire safety and prevention provider offering services that include design, supply, installation and commission of a wide range of fire alarms ranging from systems for detection, protection, suppression, emergency lighting and nurse call systems.

SGA Security fire alarm response team will carry out an assessment of client premises to ensure that the fire solution offered is tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements. Regular service and maintenance is conducted for both fire and security equipment to ensure that all systems are in good condition.

SGA Security fire alarm response provides:

  • Fire alarm solutions
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Fire Risk assessment
  • Signages
SGA fire truck
SGA fire fighting team