GOOGLE TAG MANAGER (I) GOOGLE TAG MANAGER (II) Dar es Salaam. Security firm SGA Security has pledged to continue unifying East Africans through sports as it sponsors this year’s Great African Cycling safari.

SGA officials posing with the cyclists they are sponsoring

SGA Security has pledged to continue connecting East African Community residents through sports while sponsoring a special cycling trip known as 'the Great African Cycling trip' involving five East African countries.

Cyclists cycling with flags on their bikes

  • Some cyclists taking part in a special cycling tour of five East African countries known as "The Great African Cycling safari" which started in Dar es Salaam  earlier this week.


  • The trip started in Dar es Salaam earlier this week and was launched by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Hon. Mbarouk Nasser Mbarouk who was accompanied by the Kenyan Ambassador to Tanzania Hon. Dan Kazungu and other stakeholders.


  • SGA Security CEO Eric Sambu said it was a great honor for his company to sponsor such a big event that will last for 55 days and will run 6000 kilometers in the five countries.


  • He said the cyclists would cross into Kenya via Tanga, then to Mombasa, Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali, Bujumbura, Dodoma and finally to Arusha which is the headquarters of the East African Community. He said the SGA would also escort the convoy and provide security services with the aim of uniting the East African Community and looking at ways to strengthen trade between these countries without hindrance.


  • "It is good to see cyclists from these countries traveling together with various activities organized in various places they will pass," he said, adding that East Africans have a responsibility to maintain peace and stability and that cycling will help ensure good health and reducing disease.


  • He said the SGA team in each country would receive the convoy at the respective borders and accompany them to the next border as a way to show unity in the East African Community. He said the event will also be used in environmental stewardship as organizers have organized various tree planting activities in various areas where they will stand. According to Mr. Sambu's company knows East Africa better than any other company as they have more than 800 vehicles in the region.


  • “We travel more than 12,000 km every day to strengthen trade in this region. For every shilling touched in East Africa at least 80 cents are shipped by SGA, ”he said, adding that the SGA has employed more than 19,000 employees in the East African Community making it the largest security company.


  • SGA Security offers a wide range of services including security, alarm, financial services, electronic security, portable transport services and other services and is the only security company with ISO 18788 - Security Operations Management System.


  • This year the company received the award after being declared the overall winner as the Most Equipped and Reliable Security Company of the Year (2020) at the Consumer Choice Award.